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Commercial Real Estate Acquisitions
The attorneys at Snyder & Wiles have 18 years experience in commercial real estate acquisitions. Not only does Snyder & Wiles provide the legal fram work for any commercial real estate acquisition, but our own Gladys Wiles, is also a Real Estate Broker and owner of Dream Homes PA Realty Co., which handles residential and commercial acquisitions.

There are various specialties in the commercial real estate acquisition business. Some investors favor residential buildings, while others specialize in retail. In short, different investors bring different types of acquisition interests to the table. Here are a few in which our attorneys may lend the legal knowledge for a successful acquisition.

Industrial real estate spectrum runs the gamut from manufacturing and warehousing to technology and processing facilities. A commercial real estate company will find industrial real estate fascinating for many reasons. Knowledge of zoning laws is highly recommended for investors interested in this commercial real estate acquisition.

Most investors find apartment buildings to be an attractive specialty. With apartments and condominiums, an existing tenant population creates cash flow. Patience is required to deal effectively with tenants.

Investors who may not want to deal with the headache of maintenance and rent squabbles associated with apartment buildings may consider retail industry. Retail businesses can be successful when situated in a strategic area and managed properly. Other key factors crucial for retail success are demographic data and economy.

Office buildings range from single office buildings to multi-tenant office buildings, this acquisition strategy is a largely popular one among commercial real estate company. A good understanding of the opportunities and risks involved is essential for investors looking to dive into this specialty, as it is for customers looking for commercial property to lease.

Investment acquisitions are typically large transactions that require good deal of financial expertise. Commercial real estate agents sometimes find this to be a rewarding niche. Mathematical expertise is an added bonus. Before you invest in real estate, it’s necessary to research the market thoroughly. Examine the risks and rewards of each deal before making a decision.

With so many commercial real estate acquisition opportunities out there, the investment process can get a bit confusing. In addition to our wide array of real estate services, the knowledgeable legal staff at Snyder & Wiles and Dream Homes PA can help you with all of your commercial real estate acquisition needs. Call us today. 610-391-9500