Handling the After-Effects of a Motorcycle Accident

More and more people throughout the country are discovering the enjoyable activity of riding a motorcycle. This is recreation for many individuals who take pleasure in the open road. Unfortunatley, with the increase in motorcycles on the roads has come an increase in motorcycle crashes. Many drivers are still not taking the time to notice motorcycles on the roads and in their general area, or give them the respect of the road, like any car. This leads to serious collisions that can cause devastating injuries.

Motorcyclists often suffer much worse injuries in a collision with a car than a driver and/or passengers of the car, due to the lack of protection on a motorcycle. Some of the types of injuries that motorcycle riders often suffer are: Brain injuries; Head injuries; Concussions; Spinal cord injuries; Neck injuries; Paralysis; Bronken bones; and Road rash (abrasions).

Whether we are fighting to obtain compensation from your insurance company or another insurance company, we are dedicated to helping you from beginning to end. Having handled cases involving insurance companies for years, we understand how they view motorcycle accidents cases. They often place the blame on the motorcyclist, as insurance companies often believe there is an “assumed risk” of potential danger when riding a motorcycle. We do not agree with this viewpoint and aggressively stand up for your right to compensation for the accident or negligence that led to your injuries.

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