Deadliest Driving Weekend – Thanksgiving

Each year, the National Safety Council predicts the number of car accidents, injuries and fatalities which are likely to occur during the busy travel weekend encompassing Thanksgiving. Last year, NSC had predicted that there will be 436 traffic fatalities and another 46,600 medically consulted injuries which may occur from car accidents over the 5 days during the long Thanksgiving weekend.

The effects of a motor vehicle accident are never limited to those directly involved in the accident itself. These victims have families, children, husbands, wifes, moms, dads, grandkids, brothers and sisters.  The effects have such an impact that so many lives are impacted.   The consequences of a car accident almost always extend beyond a person’s initial injuries and trauma.

Along with the impact on the family, cipro with no prescription there is future medical treatments, lost wages and earnings and the extent of the emotional pain and suffering resulting from the car accident.  And God forbid, the accident involves a fatality.

So please don’t text and drive, don’t drink and drive. Be a responsible driver. Think about the impact your actions may have on so many lives, mothers, daughters, fathers, sons, parents, and so on. Think if it were your family that had to deal with losing you. Lives are counting on your choice! Your life is counting on it!


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