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Lehigh Valley Corporation Attorney – 5 Reasons to Use an Attorney to Create Your Corporate Structure:
There are a number of different ways that a business owner can create a business corporate structure, i.e., LLC, Corporation – “S” Corp or “C” Corp, Partnership, Limited Liability Partnership and the list goes on. Are you qualified to determine which structure is best for you? There are many reasons that a business owner should use an attorney rather than choosing a more inexpensive option such as a legal website or a how-to book:

  1. Liability Protection
    The most common reason for creating a corporate entity is to shield the business owner from potential liabilities of the business. To avoid these potential liabilities, a business owner must create a proper corporate structure. Relying on generic forms from a website or book could result in corporation that can be defeated in court. A business owner should choose an experienced attorney to complete the corporation process as a way to make certain that the corprate veil properly protects the business owner from risk.
  2. Business Structure
    A business owner may be interested in creating one type of business structure, but that may not be the best choice in every situation, but other structures may prove a better fit. An attorney can help the business owner to choose and create the right corporation structure to meet the needs of the specific owner and business. This is especially true in consideration of specific state laws that change frequently due to the passage of new legislation or recent court decisions.
  3. Complicated Business Ownership
    It is more difficult to create a valid corporate structrue when a business has more than one owner. Even if a married couple owns the business, there are a number of potential complications when forming a corporation. While most websites that provide legal forms claim to be able to handle this situation, getting the expert advice and knowledge of an attorney is the only way to be certain that ownership issues are handled correctly.
  4. Experience
    An attorney that is familiar with the corporate process can help a business owner to identify potential problems due to state or local laws and regulations or specific business nuances that a website or book will not identify. The attorney may be able to find ways to reduce the tax liability of the business or the business owner as well. An attorney can also make the owner aware of any periodic business reporting that the corporation will be required to make.
  5. Time Savings
    While it is not difficult to fill out the forms to create a corporation, it is a lot easier for a business owner to turn the responsibly of completing the proper paperwork over to a lawyer. By letting an attorney handle the paperwork a business owner can focus on his or her strength: running the business. As an attorney is more familiar with the corporation process, the attorney can create the corporation in less time than a person inexperienced with the process.

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