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From Contract to Closing, at Snyder & Wiles, we have represented thousands of real estate clients. Attorney Gladys Wiles is also a Broker, and is the go-to person by real estate professionals for real estate law issues. When a Lehigh Valley Realtor or Broker has an issue with a real estate transaction, Gladys Wiles stands out as the professional to go to for help.  When real estate disputes and conflicts arise, we are ready to vigilantly defend our clients’ interests.  However, getting the right advice and representation from the professional before issues and conflicts arise, is the best decision any person can make in a real estate transaction. Gladys Wiles provides representation from contract to closing in any Lehigh Valley real estate transaction.

Gone are the days where a buyer or seller require a Realtor to handle a real estate transaction. Our Lehigh Valley Real Estate Attorney is more capable of handling the entire transaction, saving the client money and providing unbiased advice. 

3 Reasons why hiring a real estate attorney is better than a realtor:

1. THE LAW – Real Estate Attorneys know the law and are able to provide the correct advice and legal documents whether you are selling or buying while realtors use standard boilerplate forms provided by a service and just fill in the blanks. Ask yourself whether your hundreds of thousands of dollar investment is boilerplate or demands an expert in real estate law.

2. COMMISSIONS – Realtors work on commission and this creates a built in conflict of interest. If the deal doesn’t go through, they don’t get paid. So ask yourself, who’s best interest is under consideration when giving you advice? In many instances realtors are paid by the Seller, which can range between 4-6 % of the purchase price. Is it worth it? With so many internet services which directly access the Multi Listing and provide the same up to date listings in your area, access to the MLS is available to everyone. Reputable real estate attorneys are capable of providing you all the same information and services on a flat fee basis. There is no conflict, because you are receiving legal advice that is in your best interest. More recently, brokers have been also charging a conveyancing fee or service which ranges between $295-550, to process paperwork you are already paying them to do.

3. ATTORNEY/BROKER – In addition to handling complex real estate deals for millions of dollars, Gladys Wiles is also a PA licensed Real Estate Broker. She is able to provide you with the best of both worlds in any real estate transaction regardless of its value or complexity.

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As award winning and leading real estate and businesswomen, Gladys Wiles understands the needs of her clients, understands the issues they face and knows how to protect them from contract to closing. Gladys Wiles is the professional that real estate professionals rely on when confronted with complex legal issues.

Whether you are considering buying or selling real estate, you need to know that you have an experienced real estate lawyer there to guide you.  At Snyder & Wiles, PC, we provide our clients with the personal service they deserve, and guide so as to avoid legal issues in the future.

In every area of law, it is important to have a strong personal connection between attorney and clients, and this connection is especially key when it comes to your business. When it comes time to take action, you need to be comfortable with the advice you receive is essential.  Contact Snyder & Wiles, PC for a consultation regarding your real estate needs.  610-391-9500.


During your strategy session, one of our licensed attorneys will provide you with:

  • A summary of facts of your case;
  • Legal issues arising from those facts;
  • Defenses or issues we’ll raise and the potential results.

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    I have had the pleasure of working with Gladys as my Attorney and it is with great pleasure that I recommend her. She has great insight for the need of her clients. Gladys takes time to truly understand and know her client and what is important to them. She communicated information effectively and in a way for me to understand it. Lastly, Gladys was always positive and extremely professional.

    Kristin D. from Allentown