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Homebuyers often deeply resent having to pay for title insurance: the $1,000 or so that it costs is usually the most expensive item on the itemized list of estimated closing costs that they get when they apply for a mortgage. Property titles are more complex than most people imagine. Insurance that secures them can be the best money a home buyer will ever spend.

The services of  this PA law firm is the best form of protection.
As an extra measure of caution, it is usually essential to make one more investment: in a lawyer with years of experience in real estate. Only such a professional is able to truly give the buyer peace of mind when it comes to a property purchase.

When it’s the biggest purchase of your life, trust us to keep you protected. 

When you try to buy a home, a full title to the property is far from a certainty. Things can go wrong in a surprising number of different ways that the average buyer would never think possible.


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A federal law called the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act (RESPA) entitles the individual homeowner to choose a title insurance company when purchasing or refinancing residential property. Typically, homeowners don’t make this decision for themselves, instead relying on their bank’s or attorney’s choice; however, the homeowner retains the right. RESPA makes it unlawful for any bank, broker, attorney or seller to mandate that a particular title insurance company be used. Doing so is a gross violation of federal law and any person or business doing so can be heavily fined or lose its license.

At Snyder & Wiles, we promise you that we will:

  • Work diligently to get you the lowest fees and quick title transfer.
  • Ensure that the process is efficient and worry-free.
  • Guide you through the entire process of buying or selling real estate.

When you invest in it, your title to your property is insured: if someone else disputes your title, you get compensated.

Purchasing a home represents a huge investment for most people. Ensuring that you are not exposed to certain kinds of liabilities that could cost you thousands of dollars or your home at a later time is important.  At Snyder & Wiles, PC, we assist buyers and sellers of commercial and residential real estate in title insurance matters and other issues related to real estate transactions. In the case of homebuyers, our attorneys can often save our clients money buy helping them avoid unnecessary fees. In the case of commercial real estate investment, our office addresses land use issues, coordinating information from environmental impact studies with development plans heard before zoning and planning boards.

When it comes time to take action, you need to be comfortable with the advice you receive is essential.  Contact Snyder & Wiles, PC for a consultation regarding your residential or commercial real estate purchase and title insurance or fill out the form on this page to claim your  Strategy Session.  610-391-9500.


During your strategy session, one of our licensed attorneys will provide you with:

  • A summary of facts of your case;
  • Legal issues arising from those facts;
  • Defenses or issues we’ll raise and the potential results.

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