Special issue dedicated to the mechanism of the effect

We hasten to present to your attention a fresh update on the site www.viagmed.com: a special issue dedicated to the mechanism of the effect of Viagra on male potency. It will examine how Sildenafil citrate, an active ingredient in Viagra which belongs to the class of the type 5 phosphodiesterase enzyme inhibitors, interacts with the body at the chemical level, providing increased blood flow to the enlarged arteries of the penis and causing a stable and strong erection.
Sildenafil citrate is the first inhibitor of PDE-5, which has been used to effectively treat erectile dysfunction www.viagmed.com. This active substance blocks the production of the enzyme PDE-5, which is responsible for the destruction of cyclic guanosine monophosphate, a substance necessary for the onset and maintenance of an erection.
It is curious that the effectiveness of Sildenafil in the field of potency improvement was discovered by chance, during the testing of this drug in the treatment of pulmonary hypertension.
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