#MeToo Attorney Gladys Wiles Appears on WFMZ Business Matters

#MeToo is not a movement, it’s a revolution bringing broad changes to corporate world. If there is a zero tolerance for bullying, why isn’t it the same for employers and co-workers to report and eliminate sexual harrasment in the workplace. These and more are the topics discussed in this podcast of Business Matters. See our […]

#MeToo Movement, Attorney Gladys Wiles Interviewed on T.V.

Gladys Wiles appeared on Channel 69 News to discuss the legal remifications of sexual harrasment at the workplace and how to fix this out of control issue facing many.

Gladys Wiles appears on WFMZ Ch. 69 News Wisdom Coalition

Gladys Wiles appeared on the Wisdom Coalition with Nancy Warteen to discuss balancing business and personal life. Lehigh Valley women gave insight on how they handle regret for this series.

Merna T. Hoffman Discusses Snyder & Wiles, P.C.

Attorney Merna Hoffman represents clients in all aspects of Family Law, Divorce, Custody and Support cases and understands that each case is different.

Why You Shouldn’t Text and Drive.

There are approximately 202 million licensed drivers in the USA according to Statista.com.  At any given daylight moment there are about 660,000 drivers using phones or other electronic devices while driving. On average, it takes 4x longer to hit the brake when texting while driving. Watch this video and share can you get cipro over the counter with your […]

Deadliest Driving Weekend – Thanksgiving

Each year, the National Safety Council predicts the number of car accidents, injuries and fatalities which are likely to occur during the busy travel weekend encompassing Thanksgiving. Last year, NSC had predicted that there will be 436 traffic fatalities and another 46,600 medically consulted injuries which may occur from car accidents over the 5 days during the long Thanksgiving weekend. The […]

7 Tips For Keeping Your Kids Safe on Halloween

Halloween Is The Deadliest Day of the Year for Child Pedestrian Accidents An average of 5.5 fatalities each year on Halloween, which is more than double the average number of 2.6 fatalities for other days. 1/4th of accidents occurred from 6:00 – 7:00 p.m. Over 70% of the accidents occurred away from an intersection or […]

Drunk Driving Kills – Pennsylvania Statistics

Injured by a drunk driver in the Lehigh Valley? The statistical data in Pennsylvania when it comes to Drunk Driving and Victims of Alcohol Accidents is staggering. The Pennsylvania & National Drunk Driving Accident Statistics for 2010 reveal the following: 12,426 alcohol-related vehicle accidents in Pennsylvania. 459 fatalities that involved alcohol in Pennsylvania, which accounted […]

Labor Day – Drink Responsibly

Labor Day weekend is one of the deadliest times for traffic fatalities. The National Safety Council estimates 405 fatalities this Labor Day weekend. Drunk driving is one of the most easily avoidable tragedies. No matter how many times we hear the statistics, it seems as though plenty of people cipro prices still believe they’re okay […]

Driving & Social Media

Driving & Social Media is as dangerous as drinking and driving. At Snyder & Wiles, PC, we understand the emotional and financial toll suffered by families due to a motor vehicle accident. Calling us is your first step. 610-391-9500

Social Media, Smart Phones and Cars.

Social Media, Smart Phones and Cars – all wonderful inventions, but mixed together, they become a deadly combination. Watch this video! Accidents do not just happen, it is usually someone’s fault. Facebooking, tweeting or any other social media is fun and enjoyable, but not while driving.  At Snyder & Wiles, PC, Gladys Wiles understands the specific emotional components […]

Do Not Drink & Drive Video

Drunk driving accidents are on the rise in Pennsylvania. The statistical data in Pennsylvania and Nationally when it comes to Drunk Driving and Victims of Alcohol Accidents is staggering. At Snyder & Wiles, PC, Gladys Wiles understands the specific emotional components and legal aspects of drunk driving accidents. Car accidents occur in a split second, but cause buy […]